The use of CBD is not limited to the human population as data gathered from research has shown its ability in assisting pets (cats, dogs, and horses) live a healthy, active and stress-free life. This level of activity is made possible all thanks to the presence of endocannabinoid receptors scattered all over the central nervous system of man and his favorite companion animals. While CBD can come in handy in assisting several pets to a live active and healthy life, we shall channel the better part of this article to understanding the role of CBD for dogs in the treatment and prevention of uncontrolled seizures, improved immune and musculoskeletal system.

Most CBD products for dogs are made available in the form of pet tincture, CBD oil, edibles and gummies for easy application and dosing. These CBD products can contain varying degrees of CBD concentration depending on the strength of the required dose, the age of the dog and the level of pain experienced (always contact your CBD expert for guidelines on how to dose your CBD for dogs).


The activity of CBD in animals is quite similar to what is obtained in humans since the same CB1, and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) are involved. After a successful application of the CBD oil, CBD pet tincture or CBD topicals, they tend to interact with the ECS receptors in the skin to bring about the following effects;

  • Reduction in uncontrolled seizures

The earliest records of CBD use was for controlling the expression of seizures in epileptic children in the human population. The expression of these seizures in dogs can trigger an uncontrollable shaking which may last from a few seconds to several minutes depending on the cause of the seizure and the breed. Some of the possible causes of uncontrollable seizures in pets could range from head injuries, vaccines, electrolyte problems, topical flea and tick products and the presence of an underlying health condition affecting the kidney or liver. Although more research work may be needed to explore how CBD interacts with the brain and immune system to reduce the presence of uncontrollable seizure in dogs.

  • Improved immune system

CBD can interact with the ECS to boost the production of immune cells thereby limiting the expression of auto-immune responses which can lead to chronic inflammations.

  • Increasing muscular and bone strength in aged dogs

Just like humans, dogs can experience weak bones and lack of energy due to reduced cellular activity triggered by aging. This challenge can be remedied through the interaction of CBD and the ECS receptors of the musculoskeletal system.

  • Improved pet activity and strength

The accumulation of free radicals in cells can lead to a wide range of medical challenges including anxiety, loss of strength and reduced nerve activity. CBD tends to function as an antioxidant that can neutralize the harmful effect of these free radicals to keep the dog active for a long time.


Unlike other prescription drugs or natural remedies used for pet health, CBD is not linked with any adverse side effect and keeps your dogs active for a very long time. Kindly contact us if you have questions on CBD for dogs, we will love to hear from you.