Famous Celebrities Using CBD


There is quite a high level of controversies regarding the use of CBD for pain relief, focus, sleep, and many more. While these activities are yet to be legalized by the FDA, an army of previous CBD users including some of your favorite celebs. In this article, we shall take a look at some celebrities who have used CBD and are vocal about it. Please note that the content of this article is strictly for educational purposes only.

Famous Celebrities who have used or support CBD

a. Mike Tyson
Everybody loves Tyson when he is in the boxing ring. What you may not know is that Tyson is not just a champion in the ring but also in the CBD market. Information gathered from research reveals that Tyson is building a marijuana farm known as Cannabis Resort for smokers and cannabis growers. Tyson has attested to how CBD has helped him manage pain.

b. Kim Kardashian
It’s time to keep up with the Kardashians on the CBD journey. Kim apart from celebrating a CBD themed baby shower, has stated how much CBD topical salves have assisted her in staying focused and calm. She has even attested to being obsessed with CBD everything.

c. Morgan Freeman
After a car crash in 2008, Freeman developed fibromyalgia (severe pain in the muscle), which required him to try out CBD and THC products to obtain relief. At the time of writing this article, Morgan is a Cannabis advocate.

d. Tom Hanks
This actor cum filmmaker has attended several press releases indicating how CBD assisted him in dealing with anxiety in his career. His love for CBD was so strong that he teamed up with Cornell University to study how CBD can assist those suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Tom has confirmed using CBD as a replacement for over-the-counter prescription drugs and antidepressants.

e. Mandy Moore
Moore is a choreographer and dancer who has utilized the power of CBD oils to help her in managing high heel pain, especially during a performance or walking on the red carpet. Mandy was introduced to the pain-relieving power of CBD by her stylist.

f. Busy Philips
Busy Philips has endorsed the anxiety-relieving and mood uplifting properties of CBD. This American actress, producer, and writer confidently stated how she had used CBD and THC gummies to obtain relief from her struggle with anxiety.

g. Megan Rapinoe
Megan decided to add another cap to her two-time world cup champion, Olympic Gold medalist, and 2019 FIFA Women’s Player of the year by signing a sponsorship deal with a CBD brand. She was introduced to CBD by her sister after she complained about needing a more natural option for pain management, relaxation, and sleep aid while flying.

h. Mitch McConnell
Unlike the others on the list, Mitch is a US lawmaker who declared his support for hemp-derived products. He told his fellow lawmakers how CBD could play active roles in pain relief, relieving anxiety, and serving as a sleep aid.

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