Is it legal to transport hemp across state lines?

The legalization of medical marijuana, coupled with an increased need for CBD for industrial purposes, has created a general increase in the demand for hemp and hemp products across the globe. While these hemp and hemp products may be needed for one purpose to the other, there seems to be a challenge with transporting them (hemp and hemp products) across state lines.

People engaged in hemp business are usually faced with the challenge of having to decide on the best transportation route for their products. Most often than not, these business owners have to carefully plan their root and determine the safest ways they can ship the hemp and hemp products without restrictions. Although the use of medical hemp has been legalized by the United States, there are still regions of the world with hostile regulations towards hemp and may not recognize the difference between hemp and cannabis.

To enable hemp growers, transport their products with ease, the 2018 farm bill (Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018) was amended to cover a broader range of commercial hemp activity and also allowed the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) exercise full control over the cultivation of hemp. This law gave the USDA supreme power to decide the level of restrictions to be placed on the transportation of hemp products.

Based on the terms of this law, it is legal to transport or ship your hemp and hemp products to any part of the world as long as the production is in line with subtitle G of the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946. While this may be the case in many scenarios, it will interest you to note that relying on this law to transport your hemp or hemp products across the lines may be dangerous since the possession of hemp and hemp products may be regulated under a different law entirely. To this end, it is highly recommended that people involved in hemp business are to enquire of any strict restrictions to shipping and possession of hemp products while traveling before opting in to transport their products across the lines.


When it comes to legal issues concerning the use, possession, and transportation of hemp products, I always advise users to apply caution. This is because the laws are still in the process of formulation, and some states may not have adopted them, thus creating a serious challenge for travelers and users. Until the USDA undergoes (or approves) the complete implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill, some states are likely to seize hemp shipments or have strict laws prohibiting their movement across their lines. To this end, it is expected of hemp businesses to conduct adequate research into the state laws and determine their level of hostility towards hemp and hemp products.

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