Premium CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls

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Why Choose Pure Potent Premium Blend Pre-Rolls?

Our Premium Hemp Pre-Rolls are a blend of 3 strains of organic certified CBD flower. Which is highly potent in cannabinoids and rich in terpenes. As a result, this blend has a complex hybrid profile. Very uplifting and cerebral but in the background exists a strong sense of body relaxation. A sweet, smooth and full-bodied smoking experience. Pure Potent only cultivates on organic river bottom soil and uses filtered mountain spring water along with organic fertilizers. The use of pesticides and herbicides are strictly forbidden, and we also have no worries of any cross contamination from neighboring properties. Enjoy 2 perfectly rolled joints of artisan flower in convenient carrying tube. A natural alternative to chemically laced tobacco. Quit smoking cigarettes now and unlock the synergy full spectrum CBD hemp flower.

Hand Rolled in Organic Hemp Paper

Food-Grade Seal for Ultimate Preservation of Terpenes and Potency

Independent, Third-Party Lab testing to ensure the Quality and Integrity

Organic Certified and Non-GMO

2 Premium Hemp Pre-Rolls

400+mg of CBD

1 gram each


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    Works well

    Posted by D.T. on Mar 23rd 2021

    These are great! Slight high feeling, but a great relaxation feeling as well.

  • 5
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    Posted by Erika J. on Nov 2nd 2020

    They really relax you from the stresses of the day.

  • 5
    Title of review 31957

    Posted by Julian A. on Oct 26th 2020

    Good for a gift or a splurge if you smoke.

  • 5
    Title of review 30252

    Posted by Jon F. on Sep 10th 2020

    It functionally relaxes me, relieves stress, and my friends who were complaining about their sleep deprivation are thrilled. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    Title of review 29916

    Posted by Sabrina T. on Sep 1st 2020

    They’re great. They help keep me calm and not so angry.

  • 5
    Title of review 29861

    Posted by Nathan D. on Aug 31st 2020

    Shipping was very fast! Definitely would recommend this product to anyone curious about hemp products!

  • 5
    Title of review 29627

    Posted by John D. on Aug 25th 2020

    Calms me, Re-focuses me. de-stresses me. No more anxiety. I am productive once again. I cannot give enough compliments to this brand. just so so so good.

  • 5
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    Posted by Bryson J. on Aug 13th 2020

    Really enjoy this product! I have been able to relax and fall asleep after using this product :)

  • 5
    Title of review 29030

    Posted by Priest C. on Aug 11th 2020

    My and my sister split the pack, we really liked it.