We from CBDoilArticles.com been trying the CBD brand Pure Potent for the past couple of months. Our opinion on this brand? Keep reading!

About Pure Potent

Before we give our opinion on the products we used, let’s take a closer look at the brand first. The main reasons for us to use Pure Potent are the following:

– Pure Potent has all of their products third party labtested to ensure that their products have the highest possible quality. This also includes test for heavy metals, to ensure safety/health. The certificates of analysis are even published on their website!
– The products of Pure Potent are all natural, non-GMO and contain no PG or VG. We from CBDoilArticles.com think that CBD is supposed to stay as natural and healthy as possible, so this is again a huge pro. No wonder the brand is called PURE Potent!
– And last but not least; this brand uses a very unique “CRYO Ethanol Extraction”. This method allows Pure Potent to consistently extract some of the purest and highest quality essential oils for their full line of products. 90% of CBD brands on the market use CO2 extraction, so it’s very nice to see an innovative brand that doesn’t just follows the crowd!

The CBD Products Of Pure Potent

So, on paper this brand looks really good, but is it that good in reality as well? We tested it for you! The products we bought are a tincture (1500 mg full spectrum) and some CBD gummies (750 mg full spectrum, 30 pieces). We bought the regular versions, but they also sell tinctures and gummies made to “relax”, which also contains ingredients like melatonin to help you sleep better!

Our Opinion

Let’s start with our overall opinion about the tincture drops of Pure Potent. We rate this product a 9 out of 10! The tincture of Pure Potent is truly one of the best ones we ever tried. The reason for this is because you can actually feel the product working. A lot of CBD products don’t seem to give any noticeable effects, but the tincture bottle of Pure Potent really does. After using some drops we really noticed a significant reduce in our stresslevels. After using the products for a few weeks we also noticed that several aches we had disappeared!

What about the gummies from Pure Potent? Well, they basically have the same calming effects as the tincture drops, but a huge pro of them is the convenience; instead of carrying a CBD bottle everywhere we go, we simply take a few gummies with us before leaving the house, and we’re good all day! That’s why the tincture and gummies are the perfect combination: drops for at home, gummies for outside! Our overall rating for the gummies of Pure Potent is again a 9 out of 10!


To wrap it all up; we think Pure Potent is an amazing brand, you can really feel the difference after using their products. For everyone who’s looking for an affordable, natural and very effective CBD brand, we highly recommend trying out Pure Potent. Besides the tinctures and gummies they also sell vapes, CBD flowers and topicals. We can’t wait to try them out as well!

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    Robert Nieto

    Purchased dummies, oil and recently ointment. Find everything very satisfactory and a good product. In the process of ordering oil for my son. Have referred others in the past.


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