Pure Promise

Please let it be known that none of Pure Potent’s Vape products contain Vitamin E Acetate. Pure Potent only utilizes elite ingredients to ensure the Purity and Potency of all of its products. Our line of Vapes contains only three ingredients: • Pure MCT oil; • Pure CBD (Isolate); • A proprietary blend of all-natural terpenes; So again, we guarantee that none of our Vape products contain Vitamin E Acetate. Further, ALL of our products are third party tested to ensure that consumers are receiving the highest possible quality product. This includes test for heavy metals. There are many possible variables for contamination including, Winterization, PH Balance, and how the oils interact with hardware. We attempt to compensate for all of them. Again, we engage in proactive testing, and do everything in our power to keep our products pristine for the end user. We assure all of our customers that our products do not contain any contaminants that would create undue illness.

Regards, Pure Potent