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How the FDA is Suing Many Companies in the US for Selling CBD Products That Don’t Contain CBD

With an increase in demand for CBD based products comes a resultant increase in the number of formulators. Since most of these users have little to no knowledge concerning these products, they can be tricked into purchasing items that contain little to no CBD or any active ingredient. This is what the FDA and other […]

Scientists Discover a Potential COVID-19 Blocker in Medical Cannabis Plant

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, the world has been on its feet to discover the best remedy that may end this pandemic and give us our lives back. Even every effort aimed at reducing the spread of the virus, the number of cases seems to be on the high side. At the […]

Cannabis extracts showing potential in making people more resistant

By Bill Kaufmann, Post MediaMay 7, 2020 Editor’s note: Pure Potent makes no claims regarding the use of CBD; we are simply sharing articles regarding current research. This article appeared in the Calgary Herald. Cannabis extracts are showing potential in making people more resistant to the novel coronavirus, says an Alberta researcher leading a study. […]

Military and First Responders 25% Discount

It’s promo time! How about you purchase ANY CBD product of your choice with a 25% discount by using our discount code for Military and First responders? Yes! PurePotent is giving out a 25% discount to all military personnel and first responders who are ready to purchase our CBD products. At PurePotent, we have taken [...]

How Adding CBD To An Already Healthy Activity Is Great For You

HOW ADDING CBD TO AN ALREADY HEALTHY ACTIVITY IS GREAT FOR YOU Contrary to what you might have heard or believed in, the use of CBD is not only limited to when you are down with an illness or disease condition. Its roles in interacting with the endocannabinoid system can serve to promote physiological balance. [...]

Famous Celebrities Using CBD

FAMOUS CELEBRITIES USING CBD There is quite a high level of controversies regarding the use of CBD for pain relief, focus, sleep, and many more. While these activities are yet to be legalized by the FDA, an army of previous CBD users including some of your favorite celebs. In this article, we shall take a [...]

The Benefits of Essential Oils

Plants contain a vast array of compounds, including phytochemicals, which have a track record of offering several potential therapeutic benefits to users. Essential oils come from plants, and they have a high concentration of phytochemicals. It is the presence of these phytochemicals that determine the scope of the interaction of activity of each essential oil. [...]

Mitch McConnell’s Stance On The FDA and CBD Regulations

Legalizing CBD is not enough, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky senator) believes a directive should be given to the FDA to formulate laws that will allow for the increased lawful marketing of hemp-derived products. Even after legalizing CBD for medical and recreational use through the provisions of the 2018 Farm Bill, Mitch McConnell believes there is need [...]