Pure Potent Vape Pen Case w/ Battery & USB Charger

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The Pure Potent Vape Pen is a sleek, subtle, vaporizing pen. It has a small form factor and is capped with a stylus, making it both unobtrusive and versatile. The pen offers a consistent 8-second puff, the Perfect Puff, every time, so you can decide how much is right for you. This battery is designed for CCell technology and has multiple heat settings. The kit comes in a white case with pen and USB charger. This product is intended for use with essential oils and herbal extracts in states where the sale and consumption of such oils and extracts are legal. Pure Potent batteries come with a specially-designed USB charger.

*Cartridge sold separately.*

Battery instructions To turn on and off : HIT button 5 times to turn the battery on and off

To change speeds: Hit button 3 times fast to change temperature settings from WHITE (low) blue(medium) RED (high) Hit button twice  on the setting you like before hitting pen and this will set the hold temp setting which will allow you to take a pull without hitting the button



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    Posted by Pat Boivin on Aug 19th 2019

    I love this pen. it comes in an awesome case and works great.

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    Posted by Florine Stawell on Jul 9th 2019

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    Posted by Avery Jefferson on Jun 20th 2019

    Great deal on a solid product.