Just like every other CBD product in the market, the use of CBD tea is becoming more popular
among people. Its excellent taste, coupled with the vast array of benefits, makes an
invaluable addition to the home and office. Every cup of CBD tea is refreshing and often
infused with cinnamon and lemon for a relaxing, pain-relieving, and flavorful experience.
CBD tea possesses some potential relieving properties which help the user to deal with pain
and other ailments. It is often called hemp tea and is brewed from CBD or hemp flower. In
this article, we shall take a look at the simple steps on how to brew CBD tea and how the
addition of milk and fat may bring out the cannabinoids.

How to brew CBD tea?
Making CBD tea requires ingredients like CBD tea bag, hot water, honey or sweetener,
cinnamon stick, lemon peel (for flavor), and splash cream to taste. The process involved is
quite simple and easy to follow. All that is required to brew your CBD tea includes the

a. Add the honey, cinnamon stick and lemon twist in a mug
b. Add the CBD tea bag and fill it with water. Allow to steep for 3 to 5 minutes or as
recommended by the CBD company. Most CBT tea bags come with a suggested
brewing time for optimum benefits.
c. Remove the teabag and splash and add a splash of cream to taste
d. Stir and serve.

It is, however, pertinent to note that the ingredients may vary from the recipe, and CBD tea
bags come in different strengths. Most CBD companies always recommend that you add fat
or milk to your CBD tea because it aids in the transportation of CBD with a higher solubility
and bioavailability. The fat or milk serves as an excellent transport medium for CBD and
other fat-based molecules since like dissolves like.

Are there types of CBD Tea?

As stated earlier, CBD tea comes with a blend of ingredients, which makes the user
experience wonderful. Most of these ingredients include herbs, spices like turmeric, mint,
ginger, chamomile, and true teas. Some manufacturers may decide to add an actual hemp
plant to the teabag, which serves to give the CBD tea a noticeable cannabis fragrance. It is
important to note that CBD used in tea bags must be water-soluble to offer maximum
benefits to the users. The strength of CBD teas is measured in milligrams (mg). The strength
varies from one company to the other.

If you want to experience the best effects of CBD tea, we suggest you settle for full-spectrum
CBD teas made from industrial hemp. This will guarantee a water-soluble and effective CBD

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