Pure Hemp Means Pure Products

Pure Potent fully realized its dream of being a seed to sale company with the completion of its first harvest. The company worked tirelessly to ensure its operations were certified USDA organic before the first harvest. All throughout this process rigorous 3rd party testing took place to ensure the quality of both the ingredients and the final products that are now available to consumers. Pure Potent has gone above and beyond the call of duty and has published its 3rd party Certificates of Analysis for anyone to view. Customers are able see all certificates of analysis and get third party verification that the products they are purchasing are of the highest quality.

Pure Potent’s unique seed to sale business model has also allowed for a lower cost of production, and they pass this savings onto the customer. Aside from Pure Potent’s highly competitive rates, we also offer monthly coupon codes and daily sales to ensure that everyone is able to get their products at the best price possible.

5 Star Reviews

Real Reviews From Real Customers
They taste great and really help with isomnia
Lowers resting heart rate Improves sleep quality, less awake time
I have been taking this product for a week now but I noticed from day one that I seemed carefree, less stressed out and have been enjoying my less serious side. My sense of humor resurfa...
So I have been trying a number of different brands or CBD Gummies since I started realizing how great CBD was for my sleep. Of all the brands I've tried THIS brand is by far the best in ...
products works well for backpain and discomfort. I am a former athlete, and at 77 I need all the help I can get.
I bought these for my husband's birthday and he loves them! The flavor is relaxing and everything mixed in it compliments each other. My husband enjoys having one with his cup of tea e...
I enjoy the flavor, probably not for everyone though. Worked well.
This is a great crutch if your trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Like many smokers trying to quit there is a need for that ritual of lighting a smoke holding it in your hands and bringi...
You can smoke a part of it and put it in your pocket and it doesn't stink like cigs. Love this product so far.
Qualty and quantity! Price is fair , also product is pretty good , i have to check if they have more mg product instead of 500mg . One tning for sure i am buying again ...
As advertises, smooth transaction. Still not sure if its helping my anxiety significantly enough but im going to continue using it
Great stuff really does work


Pure Potent gives free two day shipping on all orders over $30 when shipped within the continental U.S.A. We got you covered so don’t worry about a thing. 


Ordered the wrong item? Need something else or something stronger? Not a problem. Returns are free within 15 days of unopened items.


Shop with confidence when you shop with Pure Potent. We use SSL technology to make sure your data is encrypted.


Pure Potent CBD products are proudly made in the U.S.A. We are a collaboration of American based farmers, extractors and distributors. We offer the purest and most potent CBD Products available on the market today. 


Nothing’s better than just setting what you need monthly and having it come direct to your door. Your CBD package is fully customizable allowing you to get only the products you need on a monthly basis.

Pure Potent is a revolutionary company and we make CBD more accessible than ever before.

When you start out, you just specify the types of products and strengths you want and we start your subscription right away. Want something stronger or something less potent? Make the changes needed for your next CBD Subscription box and you’re all set for the next CBD Delivery.


Pure Potent takes the utmost pride in the purity and strengths of our wonderful line of CBD Products.

We farm organically and process naturally. We use only the best quality Hemp when creating our amazing CBD products.

We work with alongside amazing Pharmacists, Physicians, Scientists and Food Specialists to create absolutely healthy and amazingly tasty CBD products.