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We compound the best Phytocannabinoid (CBD) products on the market. At Pure Potent we take wellness and alternative healing forms very seriously. Our formulas are created by experienced Pharmacists who share our vision of excellency. There’s always a better alternative to painkillers, prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs that can potentially do more harm in the long run. We want you to share our vision of natural healing with the use of all natural CBD products formulated with the purest cannabinoids and natures botanicals.

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Why Pure Potent? Because our name represents exactly what our products are. Shop now and explore our CBD products.

5 Star Reviews

Real Reviews From Real Customers
Smells great and with a good flavor. Will purchase again if it is still available. Think it will go fast, enjoy!
The overall quality was better than I expected. It had a great nose and tasted very clean.
I have been having some stomach pain and lots of tension headaches and I dont like swallowing pills at all. So I decided to try this strain and I'm blown away. My headaches went away and...
Tried this out for my panic disorder. At 1st freaked out a little bit. Do to being sober constantly, my body and mind alert me every little difference. So once the alteration took place ...
Really pleasing taste and pleasant effect. I was skeptical at first, but now I am pleasantly surprised. I am going to try to keep some on hand to use instead of cigarettes.
Used these with my hemp rolling papers and was very pleased.
REALLY HIGH QUALITY! Smells amazing. Beautiful glass jar. I am seriously impressed with the brand and product. The order came quickly. I don't think I could ask for more.
seeing the COAs let me know this flower is stellar. Really high quality stuff.
Just had surgery on my lungs because of cigarettes. These have been a nice alternative to help ween me off of cigs.
I am a carpenter and use this on the job site instead of cigarettes. I use cones and keep it in a personal pre-roll pack. It staves off the aches and pains of manual labor, but doesn't h...
It tastes amazing. Been using this in my pipe instead of tobacco and really appreciating the switch.
This stuff smells AMAZING. lives up to the name potent.


Pure Potent gives free shipping on all orders over $75 when shipped within the continental U.S.A. We got you covered so don’t worry about a thing. 


Ordered the wrong item? Need something else or something stronger? Not a problem. Returns are free within 15 days of unopened items.


Shop with confidence when you shop with Pure Potent. We use SSL technology to make sure your data is encrypted.


Pure Potent CBD products are proudly made in the U.S.A. We are a collaboration of American based farmers, extractors and distributors. We offer the purest and most potent CBD Products available on the market today. 


Nothing’s better than just setting what you need monthly and having it come direct to your door. Your CBD package is fully customizable allowing you to get only the products you need on a monthly basis.

Pure Potent is a revolutionary company and we make CBD more accessible than ever before.

When you start out, you just specify the types of products and strengths you want and we start your subscription right away. Want something stronger or something less potent? Make the changes needed for your next CBD Subscription box and you’re all set for the next CBD Delivery.


Pure Potent takes the utmost pride in the purity and strengths of our wonderful line of CBD Products.

We farm organically and process naturally. We use only the best quality Hemp when creating our amazing CBD products.

We work with alongside amazing Pharmacists, Physicians, Scientists and Food Specialists to create absolutely healthy and amazingly tasty CBD products.