Water Soluble CBD

Posted by Pure Potent on Aug 3rd 2021

Water Soluble CBD


The experience attached to buying CBD today in the US is dizzying. The number of products been sold today is also overwhelming, and many of them are said to have unique features and distinct properties. The new CBD products available in the market include the ones with water-soluble CBD. This is said to offer better absorption and is also more bio-available to the body. This means that they are supposed to be easily circulated and have a more therapeutic effect.

The traditional CBD is different from water-soluble CBD. The water-soluble easily mixes with water, while CBD naturally is not water-soluble. It dissolves in oil.

How CBD oil-soluble gets converted to water-soluble

Scott Riefler, chief science officer at SōRSE Technology, a water-soluble CBD manufacturer, says; "It is a bit like a Trojan horse, meaning we bind or 'hide' the micro-sized oil droplets within small bubbles, known as micelles," he adds that "The micelles are constructed of water-loving materials. In this application, the micelles are designed to tightly bind and isolate the oils in a manner that they present as water-soluble."

This processing is what allows the water-soluble CBD to dissolve in the blood. More also, they can mix into liquid without being separated like that of oil-soluble CBD.

What Are CBD Water Soluble Benefits?

Unlike regular CBD oil, users of water-soluble CBD have more control over their consumption rate. Below are the benefits of water-soluble CBD:

  • a.CBD water-soluble is highly bioavailable

"High bioavailability" means the potential rate of nutrients that your body can absorb from a particular product. When CBD is said to possess high bioavailability, it means that a great amount of it ends up being absorbed into your bloodstream. The more bioavailable the CBD is, the more of it ends up reaching your system, and more therapeutic effect is delivered.

  • b.Increased convenience

Pill or capsule presentation of CBD water-soluble is more convenient. A regular CBD oil capsule has low bioavailability, and a significant part of it is being lost during the process of ingestion. This does not have much effect on water-soluble CBD when also filled in a capsule. Its high bioavailability is outstanding. When CBD is taken by pill, it is more convenient and inconspicuous. Moreover, if you want to take your CBD capsule with you on a plane or take your CBD in public with minimal or no stares or attention, do take it in pills form.

  • c.Available products enable consistent dosing.

On a general note, each pill, capsule, the soft gel has a certain amount of CBD in it. The advantage of this is that you can precisely know what dosage you are receiving of it. There is no need for guessing games or trying to remember the mg in the vape tank or pipette. Moreover, most water-soluble CBD will make its way into your bloodstream.

  • d.Isolates and spectrums

CBD water-soluble products are also available in isolates and spectrum forms. The isolates only contain CBD, while the spectrum contains other molecules from the cannabis plant like other CBD. unlike any other CBD product, water-soluble CBD that has gone through third-party testing for its validity is critical to get.