VALUE PACK: 1x 1500mg Daily CBD Oil, 1x 1500mg RELAX CBD Oil, 1x 30ct Daily Gummies, 30ct RELAX Gummies

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    Title of review 28960

    Posted by RENEE G. on Aug 10th 2020

    Wonderful product and great taste. Love the Gummies. Thank you.

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    Title of review 28944

    Posted by ADRIANA J. on Aug 10th 2020

    I love them! Not only have they helped me feel great but they have also helped my son with autism sleep thru the night. They have also helped my whole family in general with feeling energized and more focus. I just can’t say enough.

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    Title of review 28914

    Posted by Laurie L. on Aug 10th 2020

    This product helped me sleep better at night and calming me during many stressful times in my life. I Highly recommend it to anyone who needs stress relief.

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    Title of review 28262

    Posted by Cam I. on Jul 23rd 2020

    I have been taking this for 6 weeks now and the effects are astounding. This cbd oil has taken away my headache pains. I still don't know how but hey I'm happy with it!

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    Title of review 28260

    Posted by Steve R. on Jul 23rd 2020

    Within an hour of taking it, I am reasonably numb and very much without pain.

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    Title of review 28152

    Posted by Angel A. on Jul 22nd 2020

    My back has always been a big problem and I had surgery because of exercise. I was always in pain, and I am allergic to just about every pain med from ensaids to opiates, so I have been living in pain and not sleeping. I ordered this with little hope but I was happy it helped me a lot. I recommend it to anyone.

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    Title of review 28151

    Posted by Drew C. on Jul 22nd 2020

    Ive been using this CBD for about 1 week now 2 drops morning and night. The taste is not bad and seems good value for money. Its helped me sleep better as i normally wake in the night but i have been sleeping through since i have been using this. I will be continuing to use this everyday and hope it help other people as it helped me. :-)

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    Title of review 28090

    Posted by Susan S. on Jul 21st 2020

    Pain, sleep and anxiety. This product helped with all issues I was having. It also helped me after flying, I had an earache and used a few drops in my ear and it took care of it! I was thrilled! It also helps with leg cramps at night. This is my third order. Great product.

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    Title of review 28079

    Posted by Amy P. on Jul 21st 2020

    It works great and the price (about half of what I was paying on another product!) was too good to pass up. I’m glad I tried it because now I’m sold on it.