1500mg RELAX CBD Oil- Melatonin Infused- 30ml

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Why Pure Potent 1500mg CBD Relax Oil?
Pure Potent CBD Relax 1500mg Sublingual oil is made from an infusion of organic hemp seed oil, melatonin, chamomile, full spectrum CBD oil, and pure CBD isolate. All materials are sourced domestically in the U.S.A. We independently test from harvest to point of sale to ensure purity and potency. Our CBD relax oil is professionally formulated with just the right amount chamomile and melatonin. Chamomile which has been used for centuries as natural remedy and is still widely used today. Melatonin is a hormone in our body that is produced in response to darkness.
The synergy of this infusion of CBD oil creates an effective product and has steadily been growing to one of our top sellers. This is a true collaboration of farmers, extractors, manufacturers and distributors. United and together, we offer the purest and most potent products available to market today.   
No PG & No VG Non GMO and All Natural Ingredients: Pure Phytocannabinoid  (CBD) Oil, Raw organic unrefined Hempseed Oil, melotonin and chamomile.
Suggested Serving: .5mL (½ Dropper 25mg)-1ml (Full Dropper 50mg)
Directions: Place under tongue for 10 seconds, then swallow.
Take before bed. 
30-60 Servings Per Container
Store in cool, dry place.
Please consult your physician before taking any new dietary supplements.
Must be 18+ years older to consume.




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    Title of review 28938

    Posted by Kathy D. on Aug 10th 2020

    Easy to dispense correct amount, not a bad taste, relaxing.

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    Title of review 28926

    Posted by Sam R. on Aug 10th 2020

    These really helped me get quality sleep. I work irregular hours and don't always get the same amount of sleep every night. Just a few drops once I got home, and then I felt very relaxed. When I finally went to bed I slept so peacefully and woke up in a good mood even after only getting -6 hours. Normally I'm cranky, but each time I woke up feeling very refreshed and ready to start my day. Didn't even need coffee to really wake up. Highly recommend these!

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    Title of review 28194

    Posted by Kyle's A. on Jul 22nd 2020

    I wake up feeling rested which is something I have not felt in a while. Super effective product.

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    Title of review 28177

    Posted by Alexander C. on Jul 22nd 2020

    I save this to use only at night. I use more than 1 dropper full ( but that's me) and it is amazing. I stay asleep all night and wake up with far less morning joint pain.

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    Title of review 28000

    Posted by Wendy Z. on Jul 15th 2020

    Take at night and get a good nights sleep without any pain..highly recommended!

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    Title of review 27182

    Posted by Paula N. on Jun 24th 2020

    I go to sleep well, i take it prior to going to sleep, it only takes a 3or 4 drops. (drops only! not the whole dropper.)

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    Title of review 27090

    Posted by Sean Law on Jun 22nd 2020

    We are glad we could help.

  • 5
    Title of review 27076

    Posted by Alexa B. on Jun 22nd 2020

    I spoke with Jesse aat Pure Potent and he recommended this for my needs, and he was spot on. Never slept better. Thank you Jesse.

  • 5
    Title of review 26248

    Posted by mikerlax on Jun 1st 2020

    I've tried 3 different cbd oils from a few companies and this product (Relax 1500 mg) is the only one that really woirked for me - better night sleep.