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We would like to take you behind the scenes, giving you a more exclusive look into how we cultivate our CBD hemp flower, which is used to create our products. In preparation of being fully compliant with all state and federal regulations, our first step was to obtain a proper state license. Our next step was to find fertile, nutrient dense land. Hemp is considered to be a “bio-accumulator,” which means it absorbs heavy metals and other chemical waste from the soil. It was important for us to make sure the soil had not been contaminated by these heavy metals, along with herbicides or pesticides.

We were fortunate enough to find this land on the river bottom of the Delaware River, in New York. This river is fed by the spring water of the Catskills mountains. The land has been ‘certified organic’ for years. Our soil and water went through rigorous testing to make sure it was pollutant free and fertile. With a fertility test we are able to see what nutrients and pH levels are present, as well as needed for the hemp plants to thrive.

Next, we had to prepare for planting by making raised beds, installing filtered irrigation system, and laying down weed barriers. We do this to give our hemp plants every advantage to grow vigorously and flourish.


We built our greenhouses, where we raised our seedling, preparing them to survive the outdoors. Premium seeds (which were researched and developed by the most well-respected seed companies) are then planted in our organic soil, inside seed trays. These seeds are the most sought out strains in the country. In about 4 weeks the seedlings are ready to be transferred, but we must follow the weather to make sure we don’t get hit with frost at night or early mornings. If this were to occur, our baby plants (seedlings) could die. Water wheel planters are used to do all our planting. We have a farmer walk behind to make sure every plant gets the individual attention it needs. We use our irrigation system to feed and water our plants. We only use organic fertilizers to feed our Hemp, staying compliant with our organic certification we received from NOFA of New York.

We counter pests with the presence of predator bugs. We remove all male plants before they can spread their pollen and cause female plants to produce seeds. If a plant is producing seeds, it takes away from CBD production and affects the yield of the harvest

Depending on the strain’s maturity rate, we get ready to harvest around the end of September. This is our most labor intense period. To harvest our crops in a timely fashion, while the plants are nice and ripe, we hand harvest everything into two categories, biomass (whole plant) and flower tops. We dry our biomass in hemp dryers and we hang dry our flower tops in an indoor facility. In our indoor facility we can control humidity and temperature at ideal settings for drying and curing. We believe half the battle in cultivating quality flower is the drying and curing stages.

Here at Pure Potent, we watch every step to ensure quality and integrity of all our ingredients. We participate and often give back to our local communities. We hope you found this informative! You can follow us on social media @purepotentcbd to see us in action.

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