How Pro Athletes Use CBD For Recovery, Energy, And Focus

Dec 30th 2020

How Pro Athletes Use CBD For Recovery, Energy, And Focus

Pro-athlete life is a busy one. So, the pro-athlete employs varieties of means to acquire and maintain a competitive advantage. A normal day for several athletes is waking up early to have the first session of training, breakfast, probably meeting with coaches, training, lunch, and followed by more training and meals. With such a tight schedule, they could hardly have time to care for themselves. As such, they rely on their trainers, coaches, and medical staff to care for them as they put more effort into the craft.

Some pro-athletes use CBD to reduce inflammation anxiety after competitions and workouts. Below is a conversation with different pro-athletes on how they use hemp-derived products (CBD) to enhance their training and general performance.

  • Justin Williams (A Pro Cyclist)

This is the first athlete who is a professional cyclist from Los Angeles, California. He has become one of the influential figures in the sport. Williams, a road racer, constantly trains with his team, which results in enormous strains on his joints and muscles, and also as a social advocate, he craft requires lots of emotional and mental energy.

To keep himself fit and free from muscle spasm and other forms of disease conditions, Williams uses the topical CBD creams to minimizes soreness and keep his inflammation down. He affirms that the recovery process is also important as racing; using CBD topical makes his recovery easier and makes him a human being with more ability. With CBD creams, he has been able to get rid of aches and pains due to beating himself up.

  • Julia Mancuso (A Pro Skier)

Julia is a four-time Olympic medal winner. She won the gold medal during the 2006 winter Olympics. Maintaining good physical health as she gets older is a challenge for her as a mother and business person. To have an active lifestyle, she will have to mitigate all the nagging injuries she picked from racing down mountains. Julia uses CBD gummies to keep her calm. This has great anti-inflammatory properties that will enhance her recovery.

  • Lucas Glover (A Pro Golfer)

Lucas Glover has lots of experience in his golfing career. He has been an athlete who experiences late success in his career; however, he is at all levels for a long time. He states that to sustain a competitive level, one must evolve himself and his treatments as an athlete. This means that an athlete will need to experiment with anything to keep the consistency above competitiveness. He affirms that in 2018 he used CBD for recovery and keep up his game.

Bottom line

CBD is considered by pro-athletes to be a perfect catalyst for achieving a balanced mindset that can promote high performance. Excelling, as an athlete, will require that one have an ideal mindset. Incorporating the CBD oil increases the performance of a pro-athlete. Let us know if you have any questions about CBD and athletes. We will be glad to answer them.