Military and First Responders 25% Discount

Mar 18th 2020

Military and First Responders 25% Discount

It’s promo time! How about you purchase ANY CBD product of your choice with a 25% discount by using our discount code for Military and First responders? Yes! PurePotent is giving out a 25% discount to all military personnel and first responders who are ready to purchase our CBD products.

At PurePotent, we have taken time to formulate one of the best CBD products in the market, and we are ready to allow try it out with our 25% discount coupon code. We chose to only make this offer available to military personnel and first responders because we believe it’s time to honor those who have laid down their lives for us to live in peace, who have given up their freedom for us to visit the mall without the fear of being attacked. People who make us feel safe in our homes and who we reach out to whenever there is an emergency. They have done enough for our country, and its time to honor their sacrifice.

PurePotent is on the move to giving huge discounts on all our CBD products to all military personnel and first-time responders.  With this promo, you stand a chance of saving up to 25% on each purchase as military personnel (veterans, active service or dependents) and first responders (police, fire, and EMT).

How Can I access this discount?

Participating in this promo is quite simple. All you need to do is to follow the procedures outlined below:

  1. Visit our discount page Here
  2. Identify your category (military personnel or first responder).
  3. Click on Get Code above and sign in to VerifyPass.
  4. Verify your identity by providing the necessary documents and information
  5. You will receive a one-time discount code to apply during checkout
  6. Repeat the procedures to get fresh codes once every day.

What this means is that as military personnel or first responder, you get a chance to save 25% on all orders every day. Isn't this amazing?

Why do I need to participate in this promo?

Everybody loves a good deal hence the reason why we give you a chance to try any of our CBD products and save 25% on the original fee. This means you will have more access to CBD products at a fraction of the price, more activity, and freedom to try as many CBD products as possible. Remember that you don't just know which CBD product will be good for you unless you give it a try.

Why Should I try your CBD products?

Pure Potent has been in the CBD market long enough to understand the rules and regulations guiding it. We are a team of experts who go beyond the normal to produce highly researched CBD products with the best combination of raw materials. All our CBD products are made after paying special attention to standard operating procedures and adherence to rules. We don't just market CBD products. We offer quality with every dosage, thus giving you one of the best experiences you can ever come across in the CBD market.

Don't forget to contact us if you have questions about our CBD products or discounts. We will love to hear from you soon.